Episode 6: DJ Mikey D & DJ GinaMarie Show Discussion on Pet Peeves



What can a pet peeve tell us about ourselves?
When something, like pet peeves seriously bothers you, there are three main reasons for this reactions: 1) you want what someone else has, 2) you fear or do not understand something, or 3) you see that same quality in yourself. By analyzing our pet peeves, we are able to confront our own internal beliefs and shadows. Once we identify them, then we can start to work on changing them resulting in a change in behavior because we are only accountable and responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Can we get over our pet peeves?
It’s clear we all have pet peeves. You know what things irritate or annoy you, but you also know that sometimes there are things that drive us crazy we just cannot change. So what can we do to overcome out pet peeves?

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