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Thank you for your interest in marketing and advertising your business with Great Day Radio! We have many different ways in which we can help you market your business. Listed below will highlight them with a link to pay for services.

Why would you want to market with us?

First, when you market using our podcast it is like getting permanent advertising that last the life of the podcast, which could be forever. As an example, when you order an artist or business spotlight interview it will be posted on our various channels such as; iHeartRadio, Spotify, YouTube, and many more! Each podcast will have potential for bookmarks and many downloads onto phone devices, tablets, computers, and streamed. You will also be featured on our top 40 mix radio which is also downloaded on Apple Apps & Google Play.

Second, we also have sponsored ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, WordPress Blaze, print ads, promotions and other ad vehicles that bring tons of traffic. With that, you feed off our branding efforts at a fraction of the cost.

Ad Packages

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